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Domestic Region

Option 1

Shipping is free to locations in the United States, Canada, & Mexico for purchases over $100. Orders less than $100 have the standard shipping rate of ten dollars. Each order will also have a 5-dollar handling fee & the average shipping time is 5-7 business days.  

Central America

Option 2

Our shipping for Central American is free for purchases over $150. Orders less than $150 have the standard shipping rate of 15-dollars for locations such as Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize have a flat rate of 8 dollars per order. Each order will also have a 3-dollar handling fee & the arrival time for ordered items may extend up to about 1-2 weeks.


Option 3

Our international shipping is free for purchases over $200. Orders less than $200 have a standard shipping rate of 20 dollars for every order. Each order will also have a 10-dollar handling fee & the arrival time for ordered items may extend up to about 2-3 weeks.

Shipping policies

Shipping times will vary being affected by distance & circumstances. 


Draco Dynamics began when I was 22. I was living on a solar-powered electrical system & I experienced a profound energetic shift in conscious awareness. I realized that the electricity was in my mind & that my mind was the electricity simultaneously.

I felt immense indescribable love for the beauty & perfection of the whole cosmos. I also felt an immense sadness. The stars & the planets are alive, I heard them say. They're alive through everyone & everything & they're alive in me.


 Visions of otherworldly beauty & perfection flashed into my mind. For long I was pondering a book that I would write. I wanted to depict a better brighter future for mankind. So I've decided to start writing my new coming book "The United Order A Vision of Paradise". 

Then one evening through an epiphany triggered by dance & a romantic encounter, I suddenly had the visions that would provide me with the vital information needed to unlock my infinite potential within..


Many have been taught that the love of money is the root of all evil & maybe there is truth to that. However, I was never happy with that statement because I love money, or to be more precise I love the idea of money & because I love ideas more than monies, I decided to share with the whole world my true thoughts & feelings on the matter.

People talk about building a better brighter future & the concept seems simple enough, yet it proves to be one of those things easier said than done. When addressing the issue, I was going to begin at the beginning. "Money makes the world go round." We've all heard this bromide throughout our lives. 


Yet the truth is the sun is what makes the world go round & this is common knowledge. The faces & memory of long-dead heroes from a dark & dead past does not make money valuable & will not determine our future, because the fact is that the future is already determined. The planets will go round & round, the sun will shine & there's nothing anyone can do to change or prevent this. 


The idea for cosmic capital originated not because I wanted to change the order of things but because I wanted to express a fundamental appreciation for the beauty & perfection of the universe as it already was, & in doing so I have found my inner peace.

It's commonly understood that money is symbolic of our time & energy. The reality is that the sun & the planets create the experience of time & energy as we know it & this is the truth. I decided to give up novel writing & instead live my truth, bring my story & ideas to life by pursuing the meaning of my dream & vison with my fullest ability. 


Buddha once said, "Three things cannot be hidden for long, the sun, the moon, & the truth." I have envisioned a future global economy that is united in scientific transparency & intellectual honesty. The art I have depicted here & have made available in fashion items has been created for a greater purpose.

Our greater purpose is to stir an awakening within the soul of mankind & spark a movement of consciousness. I now invite you to engage your creativity & imagination & join us on this journey of life. 

Visualize a future where all mankind has united in existential values. Imagine a monetary system where we have plastic note units colored with the light spectrum, decorated with planetary images, and symbols inlaid with golden foil displaying a highly stylish space-age design, perfect for our evolving global community.

We have a bright & promising future I foresee. I see a money system founded upon truth & scientific principles. A monetary concept that possesses a high degree of objective & subjective value. From all the content throughout history, we'll create our truth.

Imperious Draco

The Creator

"I, Imperious Draco am the creator of Draco Dynamics. I created Draco Dynamics as a way to address the complex socioeconomic paradoxes involving the nature & interaction of an individual's value concerning the collective organism of society. I have discovered a perfect way to express my unique individuality while simultaneously living my dream, sharing my worldview & sense of self, yet selflessly reflecting the thoughts & cultural values that are the very heartbeat of our modern culture today, & in truth have endured the tests of time.
With Draco Dynamics, I've endeavored to cultivate a subtlety didactic approach to identifying & addressing the subconscious areas of turmoil & disorder within the collective psyche. Through the power of art, I hope to stimulate & inspire a quantum leap in the cognitive processes of mankind."

My Dream called life is the Vision of Draco Dynamics

Everything is Love

The Draco Dynamics Vision Statement

I'd like to extend a special thanks to all my friends & family who have been a constant source of support & motivation for me throughout the development of Draco Dynamics & throughout my life. Without the love I've received in my life from them, I would not be here today.
An extra special thanks goes specifically to my mother who has always been a shining example of love, compassion, patience, integrity & overall a highly moral personage throughout my life. She was always there for me even before I had eyes to see. 

Please & thank you

Please take the time to read the informational material about Draco Dynamics on this page. Doing so will likely answer many of the questions you have about the store's content, our theme, our mission & ultimate objectives.

I will always love you...

How it all began.

"As I have loved you, love one another."

The Draco Dynamics Mission Statement

We believe that in order to have a better world that, we must create it...

We Work to Make Dreams A Reality!

Our mission at Draco Dynamics will be to create a new value system in which people have the option & freedom to transact in virtual assets that can be substantiated with physical units of value. The reality is Draco Dynamics began as a mere thought, an idea that would eventually become to me, too profound & significant to dismiss or dispel. We realize that we have a long way to go before we fully materialize the final product of our Draco Units for circulation in the market.

The Draco Dynamics system of value will allow people to use Draco Units much as they would other crypto options. Draco Dynamics will generate NFTs, tokens-coins, crypto-coins, & finally stable-coins that would be backed & given value by a golden fiat. Each of our Draco Unit stable-coin virtual assets would have physical counterparts that the unit owner will be able to withdraw to tangibly view & hold personally should they choose. 

Our ambition is to create a more beautiful way to represent symbolic concepts of value we daily use to identify ourselves as a society.  Our Draco units are very stylish & will more effectively represent existential values that we all may agree upon. With flexible plastics making the unit's tear resistant & waterproof, know that your values will endure with a brand you trust & understand. 

Life Is Dynamic & so Are WE.

In pursuit of this more beautiful future Draco Dynamics is trying to create by reconceptualizing value, we have decided to take the overall theme of Draco Dynamics & present it to the market as unique items of apparel & accessories that features our company's design theme.
By piquing interest, and sharing our overall worldview, the values of our company, & our ultimate objective we aim to uplift & inspire the global community. Draco Dynamics is dynamic by nature & we have eagerly anticipated the approaching future. We are prepared to evolve, grow, & redesign our look when our official Draco units are made available for public circulation.

Why We exist

It all began the day I was born. I opened my eyes for the first time & perceived a world of information beyond myself. As time passed & I grew, would learn that the world was within me. Draco Dynamics exists because we hope to open your mind, in a similar way our eyes were once opened at birth. 

How We Identify

We are a rainbow lifestyle brand promoting peace, love prosperity & unity. We encourage freethinking & invite people to honestly access their personal motives & how they deal with & relate with others. We uphold high standards of business ethics & personal responsibility.

How We Think

We at Draco Dynamics believe that every lifeform is a metaphysical manifestation of celestial intelligence. It has been said that living beings, are simply stars of the cosmos dreaming that they are physical & limited. It has also been said that everything is love...

We Value Your Time

It's been said that time is the only thing that we really have. Yet it's interesting to note that time itself has no real substantial reality that you can take hold of & "say this is mine." Choose our Draco Units to symbolically represent the value of your time & take hold of something timeless!

We Respect your space

We invite you to create space with us here at Draco Dynamics. Your member profiles will open you to our community & give you a chance to stay in tune with us as we develop. The private pages of your profiles cannot be observed by other site members or staff of Draco Dynamics.  

We know that you matter

As carbon-based lifeforms the fact of the matter, is that we all matter. What makes Draco Dynamics unique is that it's our position that your thoughts & feelings matter too. Here at Draco Dynamics, we believe that the quality of our thoughts will determine our quality of life. 

We'll uplift your energy

It's generally understood that the quality of our thinking is paramount to living happy & fulfilled lives. Draco Dynamics created the cosmic capital concept to elevate the way we motivate our actions, perceive value, & relate to others. Here at Draco Dynamics, we exist to brighten your day!
The Bad
The Ugly
The Good

“Meaning lies in the confrontation of contradiction - the coincidentia oppositorum. That’s what we really feel, not these rational schemes that are constantly beating us over the head with the “thou shalts” and “thou should”, but rather a recovery of the real ambiguity of being and an ability to see ourselves as at once powerful and weak, noble and ignoble, future-oriented, past-facing.”
― Terence McKenna

Our Contact Page gives you the ability to communicate with us here at Draco Dynamics in a variety of ways & we love your feedback. If you would like to commend a service provider's post on the bulletin offer a shoutout If you'd like to post a casual comment or quote you may do so in the "Vox Box" section below. 

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About Draco Dynamics

“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.”
― Alan Cohen

Neo American Dragon Culture

Our mascot the Golden Dragon

“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” 

Jiddu Krishnamurti